Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge is a pistol shooting competition. It is exciting to participate in, as well as observe. With the targets being made of steel, the immediate visual affect to spectators is obvious. Like the many Metallic Silhouette competitions, the instant feedback regarding a ‘hit’ or ‘miss’ ensures that these matches are what appeals to both competitor and spectator alike.



In early 2009, SSAA National signed an agreement with the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) to manage the pistol competition of Steel Challenge. Beginning with the 2009 SSAA NSW State Championships in June 2009, the sport is prepared to establish itself as one of Australia’s premier shooting matches. New South Wales Blacktown Pistol Club President Craig Ginger will manage the SSAA Steel Challenge matches throughout Australia. “It will be great for Australian handgun shooters,” said Craig. “Through the large SSAA membership base, we are now able to enhance the capacity of attracting large numbers of sporting shooters to this exciting event.